Replacement Parts for UV1

(For older UVCL and UVW units, go here.) 

Lamps & Quartz Sleeves

Description Price
Lamp #10 — Fits UV1 Units. Genuine Pura Brand UV Lamp #10. (Part #: UV100)


Quartz Sleeve #10 — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: UV103)


Filter Cartridges

Description Price
Pentair CBU-10 / Pura EPCB 0.5 Micron Carbon Block — Pura’s unique half micron “extended pass carbon block” cartridge fits all undersink units. It’s tight enough to be rated for cyst removal and it’s a great chemical reducer. (Part #: FC800)


Pentair EPM-10 / Pura EPCB 10 Micron Carbon Block — This 10 micron block is a replacement for the standard 1/2 micron cartridge above for use if increased flow is desired. Good chemical filter, but does not remove cysts. (Part #: FC801)


Replacement Parts

Description Price
Sump Wrench — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: WR001)


Pressure Housing Cap — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: UV318)


Pressure Housing O-ring — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: OR015)


Quartz Sleeve O-ring Set — Fits UV1 Units. (Note: New Quartz Sleeves come with an o-ring set.) (Part #: OR024)


Pressure Housing Sump — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: UV319)


Housing Assembly — Fits UV1 Units. Includes Sump, Cap, O-ring, Mounting Bracket Kit, and Wrench. (Part #: UV697)


Teflon Sleeve — Replacement sleeve for all units using EPCB filter. (The sleeve that comes with the unit is reusable indefinitely. You won’t need a replacement unless you lose it or damage it during cartridge replacement.) (Part #: UV311)


Power Supply — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: UV200)


Power Supply (220 Volt) — Fits UV1 Units. (Part #: UV210)