Lamp Out Circuit

Optional Shut-Off Feature

A Lamp Out Circuit provides an automatic shutdown in the event of a lamp burnout, power outage or other malfunction. This protects against contamination of the water line by untreated water.

Standard units are sold without the lamp out circuit. The standard Pura unit comes with a visual monitoring system that allows you to see if the lamp is not functioning. The lamp out option serves only as an added safety feature.

If you want the unit to shut down completely in the event of lamp failure, order your Pura unit and then add the lamp out upgrade and the solenoid valve from the menu below.

Lamp out shutdown units are always in stock and we normally ship them the day we receive your order.

What you need to order for a complete shutdown system:

Description Price
Solenoid Valve — For 1" pipe. (We stock solenoid valves for 1" pipe, but any high quality solenoid in 3/4" or 1.5" from another source may be used.) Needed only with units with LampOut circuit. (Part #: UV206)


Normally Closed Lamp Out Circuit Upgrade — For use with the solenoid valve above to shut off all water flow in the event of electrical interruption. Must be ordered when unit is purchased. (Part #: UV209)